5 Green Gum leaves logo

"5GG" symbolises the co-existence of humanity with nature

The logo was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's "The Vitruvian Man" combined with the humble Australian gum leaf.


Compassion, Sustainability and Inclusiveness

We are all human beings and thus, need some extra compassion at times.  The power of compassion and empathy can help heal on a physical and emotional level. 

There is still room for improvement! More businesses and people can do their bit to transition towards a sustainable society.  From the use of 100% renewable energy and choosing sustainable consumables, Green Radiology will do our bit.

Green Radiology aims to Bulk Bill whenever possible.  We are working closely with several private health insurance providers to reduce the upfront cost for X-ray and ultrasound exams.  We want all members of our community to feel a sense of inclusiveness, regardless of nationality. 


To provide a Sustainable Diagnostic Imaging (SDI) service

by practicing sustainable relationships and the use of sustainable resources.